Since 1979

About Us

Mission Statement

We are a full-service, trailer dealership operating from four facilities serving valued customers. Everything we do shall reflect the value we place on people and relationships.  We shall only represent quality equipment, always adding recognizable value to every transaction. We are fully committed to be known for honest and ethical practices and service beyond the expected.

Bob Pullen and Terry Elrod
In 1979, when we put this company together, it was our goal to serve our customers better than they would be served anywhere else. As we have grown over the years, this has not changed. We are committed to be your first choice.

We know you have other choices, but we will do whatever it takes to always be your first choice for trailers. It does not matter whether you want to purchase, rent, lease or have your trailers serviced. We will provide you the best value you can find.

We have employees that have been with us from the very beginning. We really understand what is important to you, and we will add value to every business transaction. Our Mission Statement says it all.

Bob Pullen
Becoming your first choice for trailers is what I am all about – every day! We have a team of well-seasoned, sales representatives, ready to locate equipment that you need, and at the best value.

I have worked at providing freight, transportation equipment to our industry for nearly 33 years. I am determined our sales team will satisfy your needs. We have four locations to deliver our commitment to your door. Always let me know what we can do for you.

Whether you need just one trailer, or any number of trailers, let us know your exact requirements. At that very moment, we are on it, and we will stay on it until you
are satisfied.

Terry Elrod
Sales & Marketing Manager